NuSil continues to benefit from Avantor deal

By: Chris Sweeney
LSR World

10 April 2018

Anaheim, Calif. — NuSil Technologies LLC continues to benefit from its recent merger with Avantor Performance Materials LLC.
Avantor recently acquired VWR Corp., an independent provider of product, supply chain and service solutions to laboratory and production customers. VWR will operate as a wholly own subsidiary and greatly increase Avantor's distribution presence.
The deal was valued at $6.5 billion. As NuSil also is under the Avantor umbrella, it looks to benefit from the deal with a significantly enhanced reach into the industries it currently serves.
"Avantor and VWR are both very logical partners because of the markets they serve," Julie Cameron, NuSil vice president of sales for biomaterials, said at the recent MD&M West show in Anaheim.
"Avantor is a high purity, highly regulated and highly specified player in lab chemicals, pharmaceutical and bioprocessing space. VWR is a channel partner of Avantor, and others, in those same spaces. The merger of Avantor and NuSil made sense because we are both high purity, highly regulated suppliers into adjacent spaces. We're more medical device. There's some overlap, but it's more adjacencies. But we're both very much used to working with a very responsive, regulatory-type business model."
NuSil also continued to enhance its offerings of bio-compatible silicone lubricants, showcasing the depth of its portfolio at MD&M West. Cameron said the firm takes a consultative approach to find the right off-the-shelf offering or tweak the product to customize it for customers.
The firm's product offerings have become extensive as Cameron said they've customized many silicone products for various original equipment manufacturers.
"Our traditional space is in medical implants and aerospace, defense and electronics," Cameron said. "We have a long-term commitment to the medical implant market. We've been able to leverage that into the health care or non-implantable market, and we're seeing growth there. People have recognized that the purity of our products is unmatched and provides other benefits that they can't find in other materials."
New Mountain Capital, Avantor's private equity owner, decided to merge it with NuSil in August 2016. The combined company is now a global leader in high-purity materials for the life sciences and advanced technology markets with a portfolio of more than 30,000 products.
The companies have different focuses. Avantor operates in the pharmaceutical, laboratory, diagnostic and electronics markets. On the other hand, NuSil focuses on medical device, aerospace, defense and electronics markets through silicone offerings.
The merger has helped both companies as Avantor operates in other high-performance, non-silicone chemistries through a global network of more than 10 sites across three continents. NuSil's footprint consisted of manufacturing sites in California and Texas.
"NuSil continues to operate as a separate entity," Cameron said. "We've certainly benefited from shared services in things like IT, systems, legal and human resources, those kind of shared services that can work across multiple platforms. We've also looked across both organizations for the best processes."